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Henta is a God fearer, follower of Yeshua (Jesus), praise singer/songwriter, teacher and music minister, now living in the US at Anamchara Ministries & Monastery.

She released an album Beautiful Creation on November 3rd 2014, which marked the beginning of her journey into Christian worship music and ministry. On her music page, she currently has 20 new worship songs (donation basis) written at Anamchara Ministries & Monastery, that HaShem has been giving her since 2015 to share with everyone.

To find out more about the lyrics and the story behind the Beautiful Creation songs, please visit her Beautiful Creation page on this website.


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New song "Favour me O God" inspired by Psalm 57

Inspired by Psalm 57 Featuring: Roger Beardsley - guitar Isaac Heckman - harmonica Henta - vocals, lyrics, keys, other instrumentation Favour me O God – inspired by Psalm 57 He sends fro [...]
Monastery Mashup V1 - for fun! think 80s disco

Monastery Mashup V1 - for fun! think 80s disco

  As part of our walk here at Anamchara Ministries, we are encouraged to take time out to "play", which brings joy and gratitude and is a beautiful form of worship to our King!. So just for fu [...]
Praise Songs CDs, now available for donation!

Praise Songs CDs, now available for donation!

I am happy to make available hand-made Praise Song CDs (17 songs) that the Father has blessed me with to write over the past 2-3 years. These songs have been written and recorded here at Anamchara Min [...]
New song "You Are Mighty" (Psalm 93)

New song "You Are Mighty" (Psalm 93)

Here's the powerful new song "You Are Mighty" (Psalm 93), that my King gave me to write last week which truly glorifies Him! It seems Psalm 93 was sung in the Temple Service on Fridays which eq [...]