CELEBRATION! Today is my 3 year anniversary of being baptised and truly surrendering my life to Yeshua, which happened just a few months after the LORD moved me into Anamchara Ministries in January 2013.

During these past 3 years I have had the privilege to experience the transforming power of YHWH in my life and I’d like to just share some of those things with you.

He totally inspired me to write the songs for “Beautiful Creation” (which was my first Christian album) and in the past year He has given me 12 new worship songs (more of a blessed download!). He has been helping me to develop Christ-like character and has given me the grace to learn to live in community, which is a big deal for someone who has gravitated towards isolation for most of their life! He has given me the desire and ability to be a worship leader here (whilst continuing to be an introvert!), to teach music to students and other wonderful people He brings into my life. He has helped me to see myself through His eyes, instead of the world which has led me to wear these lovely linen dresses and to revert to my natural hair colour (another big deal!). He has also given me a peace and hope that only He could give to steer me through the cancer and out the other side which such wonderful results. He has helped me to truly rest (Sabbath) to celebrate his Holy days and to learn Hebrew 🙂

I am blessed to be living here at Anamchara Ministries and be in relationship with everyone here and with those who are part of our community here who truly love the LORD and are stepping out in their faith to help build His Kingdom. My Heavenly Father is good and He is faithful!