Collection of new worship songs from Anamchara Ministries now available!

Worship CD Dec 15 SQUAREDuring 2015, the LORD gave me 10 new worship songs to write which has been wonderful, as we have been able to sing them during our worship services here.  As I don’t know when I’ll next release an album, I decided to record them here at the monastery and burn them onto a CDR and offer them to others if they would like to hear the songs.

So if you would like a copy of the CDR (or I could send you mp3s), just let me know via the contact form and I’ll send you a copy (or give to you in person if you are local), together with a copy of the lyrics. This way you can also sing them with us if you come to one our services here at Anamchara Ministries!.

All I would ask is that you would kindly make a donation before I send it (I can give you the details by email) to help me cover costs like postage and blank CDs/cases, as my ministry gratefully relies on donations. Just an FYI postage to Europe is about $6.

For those of you who know me, you will understand that this process is not something I would normally do, as I have always wanted to have the finished article in place before releasing it.   However my life is very much more simplified these days and the LORD has helped me to realise the importance of sharing worship songs as soon as I have written them, as it’s not about me! it’s about Him and glorifying Him.  I can honestly say it has been liberating for me to strip away my ego from the process and just enjoy sharing the gifts He has given so freely to me :-)