“EXODUS” showreel, new album in the works

I am in the middle of finishing a new album called “EXODUS” here at Anamchara Ministries. Although I have hit a roadblock, I do believe this is just part of being on this journey, in the wilderness and can only deal with those things that HaShem currently puts in front of me to do!

I just wanted to share a montage of the songs so far which make up part of this journey.

So thankful for all those who have taken part so far (bringing vocals, humour and instruments); Caoimhe McNeil Dunn, Clint Dunn, DonandKim Womack, Juanita Stiner, Isaac Heckman (harmonica), Enoch Heckman (Ukulele), Roger Beardsley (guitar), Jacob Grove (banjo/vox), Dava and Jason Ihrke, Dawn Bass

Artwork: Henta Ellis/Tracey Howe
Written and recorded by Henrietta S Ellis
Henta Enterprises 2020