God’s Love is Enough

There is no greater love than God’s love for us. From the moment we are born there is a God shaped hole in our hearts and it is our sinful flesh that separates us from Him until we are saved.   At that point our spirit reconnects with His spirit, as His original beautiful creation. We then experience that amazing peace and completely fulfilling love that we spend our entire lives trying to find through relationships with other people and empty spiritual practices.

The river of life is the Holy Spirit, our teacher and comforter and He will help us to become more Christ-like as long as choose to listen and act on his guidance. Hope is the golden cord that connects us to Heaven and the more we hold onto God, the more He will ease the weight of our burdens.

God waits patiently for us to reconnect with Him through our spirit and this only truly happens when we believe in Jesus as our Lord and Saviour and surrender our sinful lives to Him.


Do you listen to the sounds in your heart
He’s calling out your name, he’s calling out your name
Take his yoke upon you now, he’ll give you rest                                  Matt:11:29
He heals our stubborn hearts
He wants us set apart
He sets us free through his grace                                                            Rom 3:24

God’s love is enough                                                                        Psalm 18
His golden cord of hope connects us to heaven                    Hebrews 11:1
God’s love is enough
Let his river of life become your spirit of reason                 John 7:37

He brings sunshine to the pain we all feel
He longs for us to pray
There’s never any shame
Through faith we believe                                                                          Rom 10:17

God’s love is enough
His golden cord of hope connects us to heaven
God’s love is enough
Let his river of life become your spirit of reason

Open your mouth and judge righteously                                              Matt 7:1-5/John 7:24
Defend the rights of the poor and the needy