New song “Favour me O God” inspired by Psalm 57

Inspired by Psalm 57
Roger Beardsley – guitar
Isaac Heckman – harmonica
Henta – vocals, lyrics, keys, other instrumentation

Favour me O God – inspired by Psalm 57

He sends from the heavens and saves me
He rebukes the one who would trample on me
God is sending, His mercy
God is sending His truth

Favour me O God, favour me
For in You my soul has taken refuge
And in the shelter of Your wings, I shall stay
Until devastation has passed
I shall call out to the most High, to the most HIgh


My being is in the midst of lions
I lie among those breathing fire
My heart is steadfast, O God
My heart is steadfast and I sing and praise


BRIDGE – repeat
Be exalted O God, be exalted O God
Let your glory be over, all over the earth
Be exalted O God, be exalted above the heavens

Written and recorded by Henrietta S Ellis
Henta Enterprises