Oh Glorious One – a prayer to the LORD in a difficult time

This song is a prayer to my Heavenly Father and a true acknowledgement of who He really is and who I am in Him.

The LORD first gave me this a few weeks ago, which I really struggled to finish because I couldn’t get it quite right until a few days ago. He knew that I would need this now, after the death of my Dad last week, so that I could truly lean on Him as my Heavenly Father through this difficult time. It is a prayer of reverence and peace.

Oh Glorious One

My Father, my Elohim
My redeemer, my King of Kings
I am a child of the most high
My creator , my Adonai

YHWH, my God who heals
Oh how He loves me, YHWH Yireh
My mighty tower, sets me apart
My God of peace, YHWH Rapha