Now available! “Our Town”

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This song is about finding hope and healing in the midst of despair, through the joining together of hands with those in your local community. The key lies in kindness, through having good character, which truly reflects the love of our Creator.
Lyrics here
Feat. Austin Marsh on Dobre and backing vox
Artwork by Tracey Howe with photo contributions from Greg Seymour (the train) and Henta Ellis

For Henta’s new single ‘Our Town

Winning Photo from Grey Seymour, taken by his brother Scott!

This train photo will be included in the artwork for this song! Artwork now being worked on by Tracey Howe.

Henta is a singer/songwriter and lives and work at Anamchara Monastery & Ministries in South Cle Elum and has lived in the Upper County for over 10 years. She has written a song that she will be releasing soon called “Our Town”. It’s about her community in the Upper County and the need for everyone to come together in these incredibly difficult and divisive times, as it really feels her town and community, is being split down the middle and falling apart. This song is about hope, unity and taking responsibility for your actions to better serve your community.

She recently launched a photo competition to find an image that somehow represented her whole community in Upper County and was reaching out to the local people in Upper County to submit a creative/thought provoking original photo (that they have taken themselves and with permission to use) that she can use, together with other imagery, as the thumbnail image on her new single, as well as promo material.

During this process she added the local freight train audio to the song and realized the importance of the railway in this community, past and present and how it also represents everyone’s journey together, not just the destination.

This song will be released to iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube etc and credit will be given on any single promo and her website. It just won’t appear on the single artwork. She has included the words of the chorus below, together with a link to a small sample of the song in the making and the artwork spec.

There’s more to come with this song project and Henta really wants her community to be involved. She plans to make a video for the song which will also involve different aspects of the Upper County, so she will continue to update this page with more details as things progress.

Our town is crumbling into the sea
So link hands with your community
Speak loud without saying a word
Let the LORD guide your steps
And you’ll be heard 

To hear a small clip of the song in the writing process, listen here

Henta on Spotify

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