Praise Songs CDs, now available for donation!

I am happy to make available hand-made Praise Song CDs (17 songs) that the Father has blessed me with to write over the past 2-3 years. These songs have been written and recorded here at Anamchara Ministries & Monastary and feature the Anamchara Choir and special guests playing instruments like banjo and cello. Nearly all the songs have been inspired by the Psalms and some are Psalms in their entirety. If you are interested in purchasing please contact me through this website. Suggested donation $10 each, plus postage ($3.00 per CD US, $15 per CD Europe). As mailing costs seems to vary, please check with me first and I’ll get an accurate price for you. Paypal also takes a fee from every transaction so I try and take that into consideration too!
Thank you for supporting my ministry! Lyrics are also available as a PDF on request.
PS I am very grateful to my creative and “crafty” friend Rosanna for helping me to make these CDs!