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Henta is an English contemporary praise music singer/songwriter, piano teacher and music director at Anamchara Ministries & Monastery who recently became a US Citizen.  Her new album “Rocks in My Shoes” bringing Heaven to Earth in the middle path, featuring Austin & the Avenue and special guests was released on 14th November 2022!  This is a diverse and nuanced album and offers elements of contemporary worship, folk, gospel, blues and even some brushes with Americana and pop..

The message of this album is about our daily walk, which can often feel uncomfortable to the point of being overwhelming, due to every day challenges. The rocks cause us to be squeezed to test our character, yet as we persevere and endure, the rocks start to get smoother as they are being refined piece by piece into shiny diamonds that become blessings not only to us but to others as well.  

Her previous releases were “Our Town” single featuring Austin & the Avenue, “Rocks in My Shoes” single and “Exodus” the album in 2022 and “Beautiful Creation” album in 2014 which marked the beginning of her journey into Christian worship music and ministry.

Since 2014 she has also written about 20 new praise songs available on CD directly from her website.


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Our Town Project

Check out how the Upper County community project "Our Town" came about and find out more about the people and music behind it.

Anamchara Ministries & Monastery

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The original creative hardcopy

The original creative hardcopy

CDs now available for donation, please contact Henta for details  [...]
Review of "Rocks in My Shoes" by Xan Phillips, radio presenter, Voice FM (Southampton UK)

Review of "Rocks in My Shoes" by Xan Phillips, radio presenter, Voice FM (Southampton UK)

Rocks In My Shoes This album is what the religious community needs, someone to come along and deliver pop and praise. Whether that community takes immediately to Henta Ellis is to be seen but e [...]
"Rocks in My Shoes" article in NKC Tribune 8th December 2022
Rocks in My Shoes ALBUM LYRICS

Rocks in My Shoes ALBUM LYRICS

1. Rocks in My Shoes – inspired by Psalm 76 I’ve got rocks in my shoes LORDI’m tested morning til nightYet every day is a new dayTo wield the sword and honour vows Oh great is Your name LORDYou [...]
Rocks in My Shoes Album - where to buy!

Rocks in My Shoes Album - where to buy!

Click here for all options and to preview songs: https://hentaellis.hearnow.com/rocks-in-my-shoes-2 Contact Henta directly if you would like to buy CDs!  [...]
Rocks in My Shoes Album - RELEASE DATE 14th November 2022!
Henta Ellis Voice Over reel