Piano Teaching

Henta is a piano teacher for kids and adults, especially beginners to intermediate and also teaches guitar and voice lessons for beginners. She has been a singer/songwriter for over 35 years and records her own albums, so is always keen to encourage a student’s creativity.

She very much enjoys encouraging students to have fun while they learn, whilst also focusing on having good character. She puts great importance on their strengths and individual desires and goals, with a view to finding a good balance between learning to read music and also playing by ear. Every lesson is customised to the student as everyone learns differently.

Students are expected to have the suggested piano books and homework books ready at each lesson, as well as doing their best to practice regularly during the week. Commitment is a very important element to learning to play any instrument so adhering to a weekly schedule is both requested and encouraged to the best of their abilities.

Please contact Henta directly for teaching rates and reviews if required.