“Torah Train” new version featuring Jacob Grove on banjo!

This was a lot of fun to record as you will hear when you listen to it and the lyrics are all below. This is all about our journey in following Torah and the blessings we have received from HaShem!

Here is the new version featuring Jacob Grove on banjo and jaw harp!

Thanks to Paul Nison for his inspiration on the lyrics! (torahlifeministries.org/)

Anamchara Choir – Clint Dunn, Caoimhe Dunn, Jason Ihrke, Dava Ihrke, Henta
Shofars – Clint Dunn and Jason Ihrke
Banjo & Jaw harp – Jacob Grove
Lead vox/music/recording – Henta Ellis

Oh my LORD how I was vain
But now the world sees me as plain
Oh I’m so free now that I’m saved
My Creator, He knows my frame

So people come on board the Torah train
When you love HaShem, you’ll hear and obey
He’ll wipe your tears, and heal your pain
When you get on the Torah train, Sh’ma Sh’ma, Torah train, Sh’ma Sh’ma

I was lost (I was lost)
In the mountain plains (in the mountain plains)
Until He revealed (until He revealed)
His holy days (His holy days)
He gave me food (He gave me food),
I knew was clean (I knew was clean)
And I wear my tzitzits (and I wear my tzitzits),
To remember Him (to remember Him)


Now my eyes (oh now my eyes)
Have seen the light (have seen the light)
And the joy of the LORD (and the joy of the LORD),
Is my delight (is my delight)
He gives me rest (He gives me rest),
And peace in my heart (and peace in my heart)
Oh when I keep (oh when I keep),
His fourth command (His fourth command)


Hallelujah, hallelujah, we praise Your name
Hallelujah, hallelujah, we praise Your name
You are holy, You are holy, Kadosh Ata
You are holy, you are King of Kings
And You set us, apart