About Henta

Henta is an English contemporary praise music singer/songwriter, piano teacher and music director at Anamchara Ministries.  She has just released a new single called “Our Town” feat. Austin & the Avenue, which is about hope and healing through linking hands with your local community.  This follows her last single  “Rocks in My Shoes” and a new album called “Exodus” which features many people from Anamchara Ministries and extended family.

She released an album called Beautiful Creation on November 3rd 2014, which marked the beginning of her journey into Christian worship music and ministry, followed by about 20 more worship songs before releasing “Exodus”.

In January 2013, Henta moved to Anamchara Ministries & Monastery in South Cle Elum, WA. She moved there thinking it would be a temporary measure, as she had been forced to leave the cedar lodge she was renting in Roslyn WA, in somewhat of a hurry, due to an unexpected allergy to cedar. However, this was all part of God’s perfect plan to move her to the very place she needed to be in order to begin her Christian walk once more after a 20 year journey of exploration.

During her time at Anamchara Ministries & Monastery,  she wrote her album Beautiful Creation, which was completely inspired by HaShem (God). To find out more about the lyrics and the story behind the songs, please visit her Beautiful Creation page on this website.

Prior to this time, Henta had released a variety of albums. In 2012 she released, Butterfly Song, which really marked the final transition from her secular life to Christianity. When you listen to these songs you can hear how she was so close to the truth, but was still observing it through an opaque window. In fact the single she released after Butterfly Song was called Next Event in Life, which talks of a major change about to take place not only in her life, but also in the world, which continues to take place even now.

In 2010, Henta released her contemporary classical trilogy called, Red into the Blue, which she specifically wrote for her parents.

In 2009, she released a concept album, Laserium for the Soul in August 2009, which was Grammy Nominated in the best New Age Album category. At the time this was totally relevant to her life, as she spent nearly 15 years involved in New Age Teaching and Philosophies, although she never considered herself to be just a New Age Artist, as most of her musical background was electronic, pop and acoustic.

In 2008 Henta released Daisy Dancing, a collection of rhythmic and melodic down-tempo, ambient and acoustic heartfelt songs. Some of these songs are collaborations with artists like Grammy-nominated David Miles Huber, Marcell Marias, and Ludington GT. At this time, she was active with events organised by EMC (www.electronicmusiccollective.com) in Seattle. She wrote and performed mostly with Marcell Marias playing both LIVE down-tempo and dance sets.

In 2006, she collaborated with Ludington GT in Seattle and performed at Burning Man Festival, Nevada.

In 2005 whilst still living in her hometown of Guildford in the UK, Henta released her first full album called, La Mint Collection, which she describes as vocalicious, rhythmical, melodic, down-tempo, uplifting and acoustic heartfelt songs.

Previous to 2005, Henta had been in a number of bands and collaborated with other musicians and sound engineers on projects in varying styles of music from ballads, pop, rock, dance and ambient. She has composed and released much production library music for Northstar Music and Stock International, many of which often appear on the Discovery Channel. She was also a finalist in Unisong 1999.

Some of her most memorable and interesting projects involved working with Geraint Hughes (www.thepodule.com) who is famous for co-writing some hits from the 70s some of which have since been remixed recently, namely, I lost my heart to a Starship Trooper, and Barbados. They produced a mixture of covers and original songs, as well as library pieces together from the famous ‘Podule’.

Another big influences was Marc Francois (www.darkstate.co.uk) who was her sound engineer for La Mint Collection and co-writer on Wanna Luv You from this collection and helped her to learn more about recording in Cubase.